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Strengthen Texas Policyholder Protections for Insurance Claims

Your insurance policy is a contract.  When you have a claim, the policy benefits are what policyholders look to for recovery.



• Prompt penalties exist in the insurance code to protect consumers from carriers breaching their contract, not punish insurance companies.

• Policyholders have rights and should not be forced into litigation by insurance companies who maintain legal department budgets just to exercise their rights and protect their Texas properties.

• Litigious bad faith insurers and their representatives have created an unbearable claim-handling environment for Texas policyholders.

Solutions we are focused on....

  1. Unlicensed Practice of Public Adjusting, (UPPA) as it relates to roofers and contractors
  2. Fight insurers attempts to redefine ACTUAL DAMAGES as an injury independent of the harm resulting from the insurer ’s denial of policy benefits.  If policy benefits are wrongfully withheld, as well as any attorney ’s fees or costs incurred to recover those policy benefits, our position is that this does constitute part of an "actual damages" model
  3. Relief for policyholders who suffer economic damages from appraisal.
  4. Codification of appraisal.
  5. Require reduced fee or removal of attorneys who invoke appraisal after a bad faith lawsuit has been filed.
  6. Accountability of Insurer’s adjusters.
  7. Clarification of ambiguous policy language i.e., O&P, matching
  8. Good Faith Claims Handling - Prompt, fair and transparent claims handling process, ie.  certified policies, sharing photos, estimates, reports, loss runs etc.
  9. Prohibit attorneys from “storm specific” target marketing without at least a 1 year cooling off period.
  10. Enforcing barratry laws.
  11. Increased Protection of Consumer Interests.
  12. Reduction of unnecessary litigation.
  13. Improved coverage and lower deductibles.
  14. Recovery of claim expenses incurred by Policyholders for licensed professionals and appraisals.
  15. Licensing of roofers and contractors.
  16. Ongoing training and education for professionals.
  • Texas policyholders pay some of the highest premiums in America for property insurance to insurance companies reaping massive profits, it seems fair and reasonable that in exchange for the price we pay that we should have the strongest consumer protection and best coverage, in the country!

  • Protect The Insured™

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