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Are You Dealing With An Insurance Claim?

Policyholder Advocates is the ONLY nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to raise awareness for home and business policyholders of the insurance claim handling process.

Our free educational seminars and online consumer resources offer insight to fair and prompt recovery for Policyholders dealing with a property damage insurance claim.  

Insurance claim recovery is a specialized field involving both "agents" and "vendors".  Policyholders are urged to be aware of unscrupulous characters, know your rights, protect your interests, and be informed.

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Acts To Be Performed, Compliance Timeframe, Texas Insurance Code

an insurance adjuster license individually and company at Texas Department of Insurance

Verify insurance adjuster and contractors are registered with the Texas Secretary of State
Texas Department of Insurance FAQ regarding unlicensed Individuals and Entities adjusting claims.


Know Your Rights or Find Someone Who Does...

We know that dealing with an insurance claim can be stressful and confusing.  To add to this problem, lengthy delays, underpayment and unwanted solicitations may be occuring.  We are here to help and want to be sure all of your claims related questions are answered to your satisfaction.

Representation: You have the right to hire your own licensed insurance adjuster to represent your interests known as a Public Adjuster.  Public Adjusters are licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance to negotiate and settle insurance claims on behalf of policyholders.  You also have the right to hire an attorney to represent your interests.  Typically, public adjusters charge no more than 10% and lawyers charge 40% of the gross recovery.  Time considerations are also important to consider.

Service Providers:  Professional service providers play an important role in the restoration process.  However, mitigation service contractors, roofers and general contractors are unlicensed in Texas and do not have the authority to settle insurance claims on behalf of a policyholder or an insurer.  Estimate of damage and scope of work, yes!  But, adjusting claims by unlicensed individuals and entities is prohibited by the Texas Insurance Code Statue 4102 and the Department of Insurance per Commissioner's Bulletin # B-0017-12.

Vendors:  We encourage insured policyholders and service providers to utilize safety and testing equipment as well as become familiar with the certifications available to insurance claim and restoration professionals in order to help determine who may be best qualified to assist you.

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BBB Investigative Report:  Texas Roofing Deductible Assistance Programs: Diagram of a Scheme


Consumers Get Free Information and Resources From Texas Local Policyholder Advocates 

Please explore our website.  Gain instant access from our state-wide network of outstanding Texas Local Policyholder Advocates and free consumer resources that policyholders can utlize to get insurance claim help and ultimately, settled!

We invite you to learn about our mission and find a qualified local policyholder advocate to assist you in your recovery.  Thank you for your interest and support.

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